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   The West Carleton Boarding Kennel is located on 30 acres of field and woodlands in the former rural Township of West Carleton. It lies near the intersection of the Kinburn Side Road and the Carp Road, roughly fifteen minutes west of Morgan's Grant in the City of Kanata. Established in 1989, the owner of the kennel lives on the property and this is his full-time occupation.

   Designed to provide a "home away from home" for your dog, the kennel building contains spacious indoor pens, each with access to a separate, covered outdoor run. This arrangement allows your dog to go in and out of the building throughout the day at his or her choosing. The kennel building is heated and air-conditioned, with supplemental floor heating, piped-in music, natural and artificial light (including night lights).

   While the building design maximizes canine security and comfort, it is the trained staff that provide the individualized care, essential to meeting the needs of your pet. The West Carleton Boarding Kennel has a staff comprised of both fully trained adults and senior students. They are responsible for implementing the 3 key elements that comprise our plan for delivering quality care to your pet. These elements are:

    Individual attention to your dog's special needs.
    The highest standard of Kennel cleanliness.
    A unique outdoor canine exercise program.

   Staff members are trained to speak to your dog even if just passing by him or her. If an animal is showing signs of stress, staff members are encouraged to offer comfort by sitting in the pen with your dog. It is also not unusual to find the kennel groomer or another member of the Staff sitting in a pen talking to its occupant, just to be friendly.

   The West Carleton Boarding Kennel has an enviable reputation for cleanliness reflected in our motto: "Cleanliness is next to dogliness".

   Exercise is a priority at our facility. Unless such factors as age, health or temperament require that a dog be walked on a lead, all dogs at the West Carleton Boarding Kennel are encouraged to run off-leash in the playing field. We have a two-acre field that is completely fenced, and divided into short-grass runs and longer-grass field areas to give the dogs a marvellous area to run, play and socialize under close supervision. Dogs are taken out to the field in small, compatible groups. Police canines and those that are not sociable with other canines are exercised alone. This approach gives the dogs a superb aerobic work-out and that is why the West Carleton Boarding Kennel is sometimes referred to by clients as a "camp for canines".

   Visitors are welcome by appointment.

   Please note that we do provide a limited number of spaces in a separate area for our feline friends.

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